New Saudia Boeing 787-9

Saudia 787-9 (2023 Livery)

Image Source: One Mile at a Time

On September 30th 2023 the flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, Saudia, unveiled a massive rebrand that saw it look back and modernize its retro livery to become the “new”. The 787 family is set to become the backbone of Saudia’s long-haul operations with 13 789s already in the fleet and 49 on order (Including 10 options and 787-10s). But, the aircraft is utilized in both its long-haul and regional routes.

Here’s a list of some of Saudia’s current 787-9 routes:

  • Jeddah OEJN - Johannesburg FAOR (starts Dec 2023)
  • Jeddah OEJN - Casablanca GMMN
  • Jeddah OEJN - Dubai OMDB
  • Jeddah OEJN - Birmingham EGBB
  • Jeddah OEJN - Bangkok VTBS
  • Jeddah OEJN - Singapore WSSS
  • Jeddah OEJN - Toronto CYYZ (starts Dec 2023)

  • Riyadh OERK - Malé, Maldives VRMM
  • Riyadh OERK - Beijing Daxing ZBAD
  • Riyadh OERK - Seoul RKSI
  • Riyadh OERK - Dubai OMDB
  • Riyadh OERK - Paris LFPG

  • Medina OEMA - Kuala Lumpur WMKK
  • Neom OENN - London Heathrow EGLL

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This would be a lovely addition!

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Votre, this would be a great addition and a big upgrade over their current livery

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got my vote, love the new livery!

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You got my vote. We need this!

Great Livery!!! I’ll vote for it, but one thing.

Toronto is CYYZ, and CYVR is Vancouver, so I don’t know if you meant Vancouver or Toronto

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Fixed! It’s Toronto CYYZ

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Done and voted

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Also saudia has hinted on flights between Chicago and Saudi Arabia and they’ll most likely be utilizing the 787-9

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That’s a nice looking aircraft!! got my vote

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We need this refreshing new livery! Bump!

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Really beautiful livery!