New Satellite images offer new hope in finding MH370 Crash Location

More than 3 years… March 8th, 2014

Because I feel this crash has some political motives that needs to be hidden by the related government. This is what the families thinked of due to lack of Transparency from the Malaysian government when handling the SAR. Again this is just a speculation

But let’s talk in the obvious reason, No one wants to risk their money to find the plane. If the evidences are vague, why would you bother to spend millions of money just for nothing. I’m sure that’s what the rescuers think about.


😫 Oh my goodness are you serious! Must be thinking of the second one, there was a second one right?

I hope it will… 😭😢 as a malaysian i feel bad myself

I cannot feel how hard it must be on the families to not get any closure. Hopefully this will bring them one step closer to the least they deserve.

Why would the age of the aircraft have anything to do with the condition of the black boxes? I believe Honeywell makes the vast majority of them, no matter the plane manufacturer.

I dont know. Maybe, do some research on it

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