New Satellite images offer new hope in finding MH370 Crash Location

New Satellite images might just solve the most mysterious accident in Aviation History.

My Opinion: If this is true, this could be a big jump in the Search for MH370!


Good luck to them! Hopefully, they can find it.


Hopefully they’ll find it and finally get a clue of what has happened…


Praise God, The families deserve to know what happened to their loved ones.

Hopefully the black boxes survived.


I hope it did as well. Although it has been in salty sea water for 3 years now. That could have corroded the metal away and destroyed the black box’s data. But, hopefully that’s not the case and the black box did survive


There’s a perfect video for the SUBJECT. It reavel a hide truth about the crash, made by France television:

I know some of you won’t be able to see it, but all who can, watch it!


Well it looks like it’s the end of MH370’s hide and seek 3 year streak…


Please let it be! I cannot wait until there will be an “Air Crash Investigation (Mayday)” episode on it!


I still remember hearing about it going missing on TV. Crazy stuff. Hopefully it’s found soon, the poor families never got to know what really happened. I think it’s most likely pilot suicide or a hijacking.

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I’m guessing that it is kind of the same thing that happened to that Egypt Air Flight last year, nose dived into the water at very high speeds, which caused it to break into tiny pieces

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Hopefully it’s true this time as this isn’t the first time a similar news got reported, I meant the last one appeared to be some petroleum and not the aircraft’s fuel, while when the investigators tried to find a debris showed by a Chinese company satelite, they had never found anything around the area…

I take this news with a grain of salt unless they have found the real aircraft debris on the area.


I really hope that they can find the crash location and the victims. I was really mad that they stopped searching for debris of MH370 earlier this year.

I hope that the satellite images can help them find it.



On AF447, the black boxes survived after two years and they where boxes from an old rusty A330. How could the boxes from a 777 not survive?


Maybe because MH370 blackboxes have been 3.5km underwater for 3 1/2 years? Whats the chance it survives? If they don’t they’ll only be able to determine if it was a failure in a system or a pilot suicide/hijacking. Without CVR they will never be able to tell for sure who crashed it (even though we kinda know the Pilot did simulate the flight, he took on extra fuel and the plane went off course and really high altitudes.)

Anyway why the heck are they not going to where we know the plane crashed. We have wreckage, we’ve used ocean current mapping and we know where the plane hit the water, yet we can’t go there cause no one is willing to pay money to prove they were wrong about where they thought the plane was.

Can never get over the weirdness of talking to my friend the morning the plane had disappeared and talking about ‘that plane that crashed last night.’ Little knowing the plane was still in flight but minutes from crashing.


Guys, some of you didn’t see the video ahead but, just search :

MH370 Diego Garcia

This theory explain the most possible way and give another view of the actual situation (I didn’t see the English website so pay attention to all infos, and search where they are from).

darnit there’s no subtitles and i ain’t french

It feels like it went missing about a week ago

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Then you can read my post just over ;-)

Whattt ;( 3 years already! Time flies, that’s scary…