New SAS livery A333


I am, as many others very excited to see the new Airbus A333 rework getting released. One of my personal favourite livery is definitely the new SAS livery. Sadly, there are currently none existing A333 with the new livery by SAS in real life at the moment. I’m still pretty sure we’ll see it sooner than expected as they plan to do so on all of their aircrafts.
Many of their smaller aircrafts, including the A350 family have this new fresh looking livery already.

Here’s a photo of the A333 with the new livery, published by SAS at their websites.


I’m hoping this livery will be added to the new rework of the A333. This livery represent Scandinavia in a great way. I would love to see her in the sky. As a member of SAS Virtual, we’ve had the old livery of SAS A333 at IF, and would love to continue flying this beautiful jet.


Aviation is a vital part of Scandinavian infrastructure. We maintain the highest frequency of departures to and from Scandinavia and connect smaller regional airports with larger hubs. As part of Star Alliance, we fly our customers to 1300 destinations worldwide.

Travel is growing with over 2 million Scandinavians making more than 5 trips per year. These frequent travelers represent 70% of all ticket sales. We know that frequent and experienced travelers have higher demands and 60% of them prefer SAS.




  • Number of aircraft - 9
  • Number of seats - 266
  • Max. takeoff weight - 233 tons
  • Max. load - 44.0 tons
  • Length - 63.7 m
  • Wingspan - 60.3 m
  • Cruising speed - 875 km/h/545 mph
  • Range - 10,100 km
  • Fuel consumption - 0.033 l/seat km
  • Engine - RR trent772B
    DATA (30 APRIL 2020)


In advance, I’ll thank for every vote. It is very appreciated. Also please comment if you have any questions or additional information!

Wouldn’t this be less of a “rework” and more of a “add the new livery”?

Anyway, I absolutely love the new SAS livery and I hope it gets added with the A333 rework 🤞


Yeah probably, they still got to change the old livery though as they are quite different.

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Or we could have two SAS livery’s 🤷‍♂️ #TheMoreTheMerrier


Yeah that would be even better, however I got to see the response as I’m not sure if it’ll get enough votes and popularity.

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Has this livery even been painted yet on their A330s? The only aircrafts which I know features this (quite amazing) livery is their A350s and A320neos.

Kind of unrealistic to have the A330 switch as well when there isn’t a single plane in this livery yet


There are none of the A333 that have been painted yet, but they’re supposed to be in the near future. Hopefully very soon

They’ll probably be added soon so better late then never

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Wow the picture actually looks so good🤩. That livery is amazing sadly im out if votes :(

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Yeah indeed.
I agree, looks very good and SAS plan to complete the paintwork of all their aircrafts within 2024. The A340-300 will not be painted though due to replacement of the A350-900.

@DannyHL obligated me to vote :/ so you get one more for this super amazing livery.


Thanks. Means a lot:)

I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical to the new SAS livery at first, but over time I have start to like it. This livery definitely deserve a vote!

Sure looks beautiful 🤩

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I just wish I had a little bit more red 😬

If they do add this, I just beg that they don’t remove the old one

This is a no brainer

Thanks for all replies and votes. Very appreciated.

I fully agree, miss the red engines too. The blue strip does not appeal to me as much, but more than that I would say the new livery is better.


When Infinite Flight asks which SAS livery is better on Instagram and features the A330 and A350. Hmm. Both are good but the A350 looks great in the new livery and I think the A330 will too.

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