New SAS Boeing 737-700

The first SAS Boeing 737-700 painted in SAS new colours was SE-RJX which is the same registration we have in Infinite Flight on the SAS B737.

I think the new livery looks very good on the 737 and hope it will be added to the IF fleet.


Photo credit: Stein Olsen

Thank you

Why does it look fake, but so real?


I’m confused. What do you mean?

As in. It just doesn’t look right to me, it look like MFS 2020, the picture, ofc.

I am 100% on board with this, my favorite livery on Earth.

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The photo is not from MFS. it’s real.

blame Microsoft for making ultra-realistic graphics and exploding PCs worldwide


Sleek new design! Awesome shot and awesome request. Would love to see this.


I love the new livery as well. <3
Although the racoon mask looks way better on A359 and shorthaul airbusses. On B737 and 738 it looks some how “do-it-yourself”/cheap-made. Maybe it looks better live in another angle ;)

I wonder what the livery would have looked like on the little pigs (B736) :)

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I see what you mean. Look like they forgot to paint the vertical windshield beams lol. But all in all I think it looks good.

We will never know lol. No more SAS piglets flying.

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Ok just looking at it, in my opinion it looks kinda weird to me!

Ok. Thanks for your opinion.

But juging by everything else other than the tail of the plane, it looks good!

You don’t like the tail?

Yeah cause it looks kinda weird cuz it’s like 91% blue and 9% white. but it don’t have any other colour. But I like the wing.

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Well, it’s the new SAS livery. SAS A320/21, CRJs and A350 have it.

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Very cool picture/livery. Not a huge fan of the ‚sunglasses‘, but other than that it really looks great! Thanks for the request, would definitely make a great addition :)

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Its sad SE-RJX haven’t been flying for months

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It’s flying again 😁

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Nice livery! It looks a bit crazy with the black mask on the cockpit windows like an Airbus! 😂

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