New Samsung tablet

You have 1 core running at 2.84GHz. Then 3 at 2.42GHz and the other 4 running at 1.80GHz. Trust me, as someone who does lots of overclocking, GHz isn’t everything there is to getting more performance out of a CPU.

It’s pretty tragic really, I found this when I bought my razer phone a couple of years ago. I was so hyped to play games at a super smooth frame rate… Until I realised out of the 150 or so games that actually support high refresh rates, I barely played any of them 😂

And honestly IF uses more GPU and ram then cpu, the max my CPU running IF was 30% while my gpu was over 50%

With everything maxed on the S7, it’s pretty much 93-98% GPU usage, not that much RAM usage and barely any CPU.


Oh rip I made a video of me flying showing my hardware status but I can’t upload it. It’s really cool how it shows how ur phone is handling it and stuff like that. Imma go delete that footage😭

And I can’t wait to use this to see the improvements when project metal is done👀