New Samsung tablet

Hello! A new samgsung tablet came out acoupple months ago but forgot the exact date of when it was released. It is the “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 5G” I think thats what its called. I was wondering if it would handle infinite flight and last for more than 2 years with out lagging out and crashing? Im wondering if it will be able to download infinite even because it looks like they use a diffrent operating for the tablets or just me being crazy. But does anyone use samgsung tablets for it?


Yes, Samsung tablets can download IF. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ will almost certainly last 2 years just fine, due to its high-end chipset.

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Ok, going to look more into it for photo editing as well. Thanks for the help

Yes it will @OrchardFieldAviation ,infact I am getting mine this coming Tuesday 😁😉.

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I have one, works perfect. All the settings maxed out & GameBooster works really well with Infinite Flight in this case too.


Side question, whats gamebooster?

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A Samsung thing.

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I have a Note10+, is it that icon at the bottom? I just never knew what it was called lol

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It probably is, yes.

Yeah it is, found it

Im thinking of buying the new Samsung Tab S7 with 8gb RAM. But I want to know for sure if I can play IF on max settings without any lag. Do you play on max settings? And how is the tablet in general?

Everything on max.
I’m not an Android kind of guy… but it’s pretty sweet nonetheless. Personally i think you get more bang for the buck with an iPad for that price but that’s me.


“Everything on max” thats what I wanted to hear 😅 awesome!

I really dont like the apple OS so I’m gonna pass on the iPad. I only have android devices and Samsung TV screens, so I think this new flag ship tablet is better compatible with the rest of my devices.


Ya I use the Poco f2 pro which has the same GPU, it’s powerful enough to run everything on high and have the 60fps, only if you’re going to use live cockpit using everything at max and having the 60fps is going to push the gpu to 80-90% workload

This tablet has 120Hz :)

Oh that’s very nice tell me how the gpu handles it!!!

The simulator still unfortunately only runs at a maximum of 60FPS. It might feel marginally smoother but it will still cap at 60.

He also has an 865+ running at a higher clock speed with a higher resolution on different software, it won’t perform exactly the same as your device does 😉

I have the 865 at 2.84Ghz

I have barely found any game that runs at 120. And tbh, it will probably melt unless it’s Roblox level graphics.

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Considering the details on IF, 60fps is extremely good