New S7 Airlines VA


Hello everyone, I am happy to introduce S7 Virtual Airlines. We have a big fleet, multiple routes and many other interesting things. Join is throgh the site: Thank you for your attention, see you soon!
Notice, that site maybe has some bugs, i’ll fix them later.
Please be patient while wasting for an invitation!
All info is on the site.
We fly in Southern California, Netherlands, Australia.
You may also reply here if you want to join
Thank you!

Where are you frome?

Why fruit on the page? ;) Think you forgot to delete the default elements ;)

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From Russia

XD, i’ll fix that

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First of all good luck with your VA. I had a look at your Website and have some issues.
The Website looks proffesional and well thought. But your Routes and your Fleet isn’t the really big thing its Standard. And if you ask me I had wait until Global realesed. And please like @Giacomo_Lawrance sais remove the fruits😅

Best regards
Lars Thorein


Fixed an removed, fleet is based on real S7 Airlines.
Routes? Well there is No Global Flight now, so we don’t have really big choice

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This is an English only forum. If you want to use russian language do it in PM


I already told that to him

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You can plan routes for Global :) That’s what I’m doing with my VA.

I already have more than 200routes, i will publish them after Global.
Maybe we can create an alliance of our va in future :)

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Thanks for that

I’d join too

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Please write your e-mail

Or you can join throgh the site

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