New Russian Cargo Plane (PAK-TA)

Hey everyone.

I’ve just read about a completly new russian cargo aircraft.
It’s planned to be in service for middle of 2020er (80 aircraft in total)
Range planned for 7000km; cruise speed mach 2, cargo load about 200t.
In my opinion it’s a very cool designe. Let’s hope the russians do realize that project.

What do you think? In my opinion sth. I would like to see in future in the sky and in Infinite flight.

Link below

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Do you have an English source?

I think that helps:

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Look at the frontal profile of it! It’s colossal.
The sonic boom from this thing would measure up on the richter scale!

However it does look rather cool. I hope they build it :)

You not reading your comments, aren’t you?

You are absolutly right. It does look massive but also pretty sleek because its not very high.

I am really interested in the fact, that it will have a gas turbine and two electric turbines with thrust vectoring.

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I did but it did take somehow some time to be shown here.

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