New runway in Brisbane

As some of you may know, Brisbane airport (YBBN) recently opened a runway (01L/19R). I am aware that the IFAET doesn’t take requests however this is a pretty major change considering Brisbane is one of the most important cities in Australia.
Hopefully this’ll be added in the next airport/navigation update.


It most likely will be. Maybe not in the next nag update but prob my in about 2 or 3 more.

Seems like you answered your own topic…

IFAET will look on the grounds of the new runway in Brisbane, but they need Satellite data to build a whole runway from the ground up, this would take at least weeks. I’m sure a member can explain more than I can.

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See @Claudio and @Tsumia’s comments linked below, both are IFAET members.


The sad thing is that Australia generally has very old imagery (often older than any part of the world), and even with Google Earth Pro Brisbane only goes up to July 2019.


Once there is adequate satellite imagery the IFAET may update the airport. Please note that it may take months or years for the imagery to get updated in google, yahoo, etc.