New Runway at Istanbul Airport (LTFM/IST)

Hi there everyone,

I was wondering whether the new runway (18/36) and the accompanying taxiways, that opened at Istanbul Airport (LTFM/IST) in June 2020, would be added to the game?

Fairly new to the game so I’m not sure what the correct procedure is to adding new airports/airport features or how users request stuff.

Thanks in advance.

Yep! I am sure the IFAE team will have this added soon.

However, they don’t take requests. It might be in a week, or a year 🤷‍♂️


That would be for the IFAET team to do

If you like you can join them here

Welcome to the community btw


Hey @askrdl,

As a member of the airport editing team, I can confirm we are aware of this. The problem is that we need up-to-date satellite imagery to edit this into the project file. Currently, it’s still shown as under construction in part of the imagery, which doesn’t help when we need to know the marking types used on the specific taxiway. It will be done when we have the correct imagery and navigation data.

Best regards,
Aceorbit, Project Minnesota


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