New Rules: Screenshot and Videos Category

Hey everyone!

There is now a new template in the #screenshots-and-videos category. This is designed to help reduce the number of topics that have had no effort put into them. The topics in this category must now adhere to this simple template or will be close by our moderators and staff.

Secondly, all photos must now have no HUD, sidebar or aircraft names and/or boxes showing in the photos. This, in addition to the template, is designed to help engineer more crafted and well-thought topics, weeding out unwanted spam. The other rules of the category still apply as normal before.


That is a big oof

Is the template going to be posted as a thread or will it be automatically set up


It is auto like events


So I see that it has one for route server aircraft, etc. does this mean that topics like “my best photos” or “best 787 shots” would not be allowed since they aren’t of one specific flight?

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Just put information about a few of the flights


This is definitely needed 😀

now for support…


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