New rule for Spotting category

If someone post a link to inappropriate content, that person will be banned; it is as simple as that.

See this restriction as a way for you to tell your story the way you want on your own blog/picasa album … and post your best pics here to make ppl want to see more.


Hmm, to agree or not to agree?

I haven’t done any spotting yet, so…

I’ll try to keep this in mind when I do go spotting.

Adding the 10 photo limit and utilizing a resource such as Google Drive (or similar/comparable) like @JRRaviation said plus Philippe basically giving the community the blessing to share your blog in the community is a win win for everyone in my opinion. Keep the suggestions and brainstorming going, these engaging conversations are what makes this community so great.


So why do we have threads that people post pictures on? Should we limit those to 10 as well?

There are about 3400 posts here, and most containing 2 pictures. The previous one had 10K posts, with most have 2 pictures as well. This adds up. Why is the Spotting community of the forum being the one selected for this new rule? If you never wanted us to be able to share photos, then maybe the upload button should go bye-bye.

Well, taking photos is one thing, but choosing is another.

Limiting to ten photos a post will be hard. I take lots of pictures when I spot and travel, and I love sharing all my pictures. In fact, I’m going to Florida and I was planning on making a Trip Report here with most of the pictures I would have taken.

I’ll have to come up with a way to make a new Trip report with only ten photos
That means more words than photos


I definitely want to have a few stricter rules in other category as well. Decided to start here because this is a pretty well behaved and organized subcategory already, so changes are easier.

This is not to make things harder on anyone, we just want to raise the bar with the quality of the posts we see on our forum.


But why should we be the test subjects if things are fine here? Why not just restrict TL1 members from posting 1+ photos?


I do have my very own website for my YouTube channel. Guess I’ll have to give it some life again. Not sure if I’m able to post more than one picture though…

About those tracking thread, I have expressed many times that they are not my favorite and we are trying to figure out a better way to do this.

That particular thread might need to be a sub category instead, with the same kind of rules we have here.


I also recon that you establish a standard for photos like @MishaCamp suggested awhile back.

I’ve always been a quality over quantity guy myself especially involving photography, so I’m in full support of the new rule.

Thanks for the heads up!


Sorry for being a bit too harsh…haha. I am really involved with the spotting subcategory of this forum, so it breaks me when Im told I have to limit how many photos I have to share my passion with, without users having to click external links that could potentially be bad.


It will be tough to immediately recognize the link thing with the mods.


I am a spotter myself @JRRaviation, so being limited for pictures does kinda hurt me, since I take A LOT of photos of planes that visit MHT.

I’ll try out the current website I have or I will just have to replace my website with a brand new one (currently thinking of just making a new website instead). I do have a “blog” of sorts on my current website, but I’m not sure if I can add multiple pictures

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Idea - If a forum user has a topic or post open containing photos that is already closed, why not just delete the photo from the serv. storage? You could have a notification pop up that says - “Your photos from the topic (name) are about to be deleted from our forum storage. This is due to the topic being closed for 1 year, and the user being inactive for 6+ months. The photos will be deleted if this notification is not clicked within 1 week”

Also an idea to the photographers who are already struggling with the 10 limit rule (lol) ~

  • post your best 10 photos from your trip and link a separate album containing the rest of your photos in your post.

  • tip: use Google Photos for your album (it’s free and unlimited storage space with your google account)

We don’t want to delete old topics and pics (unless they are against TOS); they are part of the “history” of the forum.

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So what is your solution if you guys reach the maximum server storage limit? Buy more space? Or…

Yes, would prefer the current limits to last as long as possible. We use a hosted service, if we reach those limits we pay much more every month.

I believe this is a nice change. I think 10 is enough for one spotting topic. After all, you can always make another one later on.

I believe this will discipline fellow spotters to pick the very best ones! 🙂

As someone who rents a webserver I can understand where Philippe is coming from.

It gets pretty expensive if you happen to have a limit on storage.