New rule for Spotting category

Sorry for being a bit too harsh…haha. I am really involved with the spotting subcategory of this forum, so it breaks me when Im told I have to limit how many photos I have to share my passion with, without users having to click external links that could potentially be bad.


It will be tough to immediately recognize the link thing with the mods.


I am a spotter myself @JRRaviation, so being limited for pictures does kinda hurt me, since I take A LOT of photos of planes that visit MHT.

I’ll try out the current website I have or I will just have to replace my website with a brand new one (currently thinking of just making a new website instead). I do have a “blog” of sorts on my current website, but I’m not sure if I can add multiple pictures

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Idea - If a forum user has a topic or post open containing photos that is already closed, why not just delete the photo from the serv. storage? You could have a notification pop up that says - “Your photos from the topic (name) are about to be deleted from our forum storage. This is due to the topic being closed for 1 year, and the user being inactive for 6+ months. The photos will be deleted if this notification is not clicked within 1 week”

Also an idea to the photographers who are already struggling with the 10 limit rule (lol) ~

  • post your best 10 photos from your trip and link a separate album containing the rest of your photos in your post.

  • tip: use Google Photos for your album (it’s free and unlimited storage space with your google account)

We don’t want to delete old topics and pics (unless they are against TOS); they are part of the “history” of the forum.

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So what is your solution if you guys reach the maximum server storage limit? Buy more space? Or…

Yes, would prefer the current limits to last as long as possible. We use a hosted service, if we reach those limits we pay much more every month.

I believe this is a nice change. I think 10 is enough for one spotting topic. After all, you can always make another one later on.

I believe this will discipline fellow spotters to pick the very best ones! 🙂

As someone who rents a webserver I can understand where Philippe is coming from.

It gets pretty expensive if you happen to have a limit on storage.

Maybe it’s an oppritunity for someone to create an aviation spotting blog for the spotters here on IFC? Just a thought though!

Though we offer a place to share other avenues of aviation, to include real-world spotting photos, I don’t think this is the purpose of the Infinite Flight Community Forum.

This is not a place to dump large quantities of photos regardless of their quality. There are other mediums for this that should be used, to include Instagram and many other photo sharing services that can be linked, most of which are recognizable and viewed as ‘safe’.

In most cases any experience can be summarized with a single photo that also includes a link to the others, a blog, or your personal preferred medium. You’re quite active on IG so I don’t think this is a secret or should “break you”.


No one seems to be reading the 10s of times it’s been said:

You have unlimited capability to use external storage and provide a link.

You’re not paying for the server farm.


It’s actually a great marketing opportunity for you to get more traffic to your other social media, websites, ect. because the user viewing your work will be forced to continue on to an external source to view the rest of your pictures.

Is embedding individual images through an external source another solution, or is that not possible on discourse? via Imgur, Dropbox, Google Drive, ect.

Edit: The Imgur community uses Discourse; don’t know if this still works or not.

I LOVE this limit. I’m certainly in the camp of quality over quantity.
One wuestion: If someone posts a spotting thread, adds 10 photos, then they go and spot a month later and have new photos to add, does this person add 10 more to the existing thread? Do they delete the original 10? Or do you delete, let’s say 3 or the original 10 to add 3 new ones?

So if you don’t want to have spotters share their photos on here, why make a catergory for it?

@JRRaviation Tyler was basically reiterating the fact that the whole premise behind Philippe wanting to enact a 10-Photo limit helps ease the storage burden and he elaborated on the fact that including a link to a personal blog or other medium is a step in a direction for a compromise without dismissing the category altogether. :)


So if one cannot post more than 10 photos, can they make two spotting catagories instead? To combine with more than 10 photos total? What is the difference? I know it’s hard to enforce, but if you’re limited in one aspect, should we not just limit people in general to an amount of photos they are allowed to post?

I completely understand the server issue. And I hate to say it, but I’m sure you guys have already considered upping the price of the app to deal with this issue?

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You can put your photos into a Dropbox and link it to the topic. In the topic itself, display your top 10 from that Dropbox

So if one cannot post more than 10 photos, can they make two spotting catagories instead?

No. This would be considered as spam. We are not a photo sharing site. It should be fairly easy to summarize a spotting session in 10 pictures; take the 10 best one and then link to your album in a third part website.

should we not just limit people in general to an amount of photos they are allowed to post?

We are considering new rules for other categories; we started here as an experiment. To me it looks like it worked since the quality definitely went up.


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