New Routes

Some routes that I enjoyed:

Sydney - Christchurch (great mountains when approaching)
San Francisco - Los Angeles (great views of the wonderful coastline)

London - Sydney (Qantas Project Sunrise)
Athens - New York (great scenery when takingoff and approaching)
San Diego - Honolulu

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Also flying over India, Pakistan and Nepal is incredible with the tall mountains


VIDP-VILH: Jet Airways 737
VRMM is a beautiful Airport and VILH is also very beautiful but also very challenging.


Thank you!!

Thank you!! I’ll def check it out

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Sounds good! Thank you!!

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That’s why I am going to right now!

I recommend flying to Sarajevo. The city is surrounded by mountains which means you‘ll have to fly right above them/in between them when approaching :)

You could use where you place a departure location on a map, and then an arrival.It finds routes near where you selected. For example, you could tell it you want to fly from the UK to Italy. It would show you all the routes. That way, it will show you varied airports. And, it shows you the airline too. As for where I suggest you place the markers, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, West Australia, New Zealand.

LHR-HKG (VHXX,former Hong Kong Int. Airport, Kai Tak)

great desert views with the sun rising over Mongolia/Northern China

nice islands views over Hong Kong, thrilling final approach over the urban area of Kowloon peninsula

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You could always try to find some routes here too 😀

I found this a pretty good route. It is short haul, and you can do it from any airport to KASE.


Any flight to VQPR. It’s such a fun and scenic approach you can’t go wrong

This one is really short at 47 nautical miles, maybe even less, and it’s from HNL to HMK. If you use a DASH8, it can be scenic but also a little challenging, and try to go for runway 05 if you do because there is some terrain and winds that usually spice it up.

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CYYC - CYXC Very nice and scenic route best flown with a tbm or a Q400
KDEN - KASE Scenic and a bit challenging
LSZH - LSGG Alps so the scenery will be lovely
UUEE - ULMM North, cold and beautiful

Landing in Tegucigalpa (MHTG) is very scenic and also one of the most challenging approaches in the world. Another scenic and difficult approach is Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport (VHXX) which is no longer in use but you can fly in the game.

Scenic landings that are somewhat challenging but really beautiful: Quito (SEQM), Mexico City (MMMX) and Bogota (SKBO).

Scenic approaches that are not too challenging: Lima (SPJC) and Santiago (SCEL).

PS: I suggest looking for the STAR charts when creating your flight plan. Most of the airports I mentioned have tall mountains surrounding them, so you cannot make straight in approaches into most of them.

Have fun!

London Gatwick to Skiathos


Canberra to Queenstown is great, spectacular mountain descent and a challenging final

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Any flight to SBRJ. Very fun approach, especially if you do the 02R approach through the small valley and beach!

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