New routes 23.2

Hello everyone hope you all are well ! As most of you know 23.2 has been released today with the main focus being the CL35 and the new UI display!

But we also got treated to 12 new liveries across 5 different types of aircraft from all corners of the world opening new opportunities for you to explore to places you have never been before !

I would like to hear your suggestions on the most unique but also fun routes these great liveries open up.


Netjets CL35
Van Nuys - Jackson Hole
Centennial - Jackson Hole

ITA Airways A350
Milan - New York JFK
Rome - San Fransico


Jet2: Manchester to Skiathos
Swoop: Edmonton to Puerto Vallarta
Japan Airlines: Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda
ITA Airways: Los Angeles to Rome
Condor: Frankfurt to Palma De Mallorca
NetJets: San Jose to Van Nuys
Flexjet: Tuscaloosa to Bedford
Vistajet: Tahiti FAA’A to Honolulu
Sunwest: Victoria to Palm Springs
Vueling: Venice to Barcelona

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CL350 | Net Jets Livery

Distance: 77nm

Hamburg to Fuerteventura in the candy cane is great

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