New rework liveries for E-jets

Hay Guys I was thinking of how there are 4 E-jets and all of there livery’s were out-dated. Now don’t take me wrong but they are the easiest planes to fly on IF. We need something fresh and new on IF like this livery.

“No American isn’t my Favorite Airline” 😑🤣😂
any way please hart this comment and vote for it as-well if you want to see it on IF!

Safe Flying,

Duplicate sorry! Make sure you use the search bar! :)


No I’m requesting livery change different

So you’re requesting the American Eagle livery?

And others just new livery’s it needs a livery rework

That would be in the entire ERJ rework.

No just add new livery’s. The cockpit is fine the plane is fine it just needs new paint schemes

Then go vote for the liveries you want. You can’t request multiple liveries to be added.

In order for the liveries to change, it would require a rework.


Vote here

and here…

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