New restrictions results

In those days of new restrictions and hate from all the ones who disagree with them, I would like to thank everyone who flew into KSAN this evening.
@Joe and I had a very pleasant session with 98% of the pilots following instructions and flying like they should ON ADVANCED.
If you were there, keep it up! The new rules are definitely making it better and easier to control!

//ATC officer happy with his session


This is true. I didn’t have a single plane exceeding the limits in place! Only one ghost for 90 minutes approach session in SoCal! That’s not the norm.

//ATC Unimportant (This is not a signature. Just a clarification of rank to add credibility [or lack thereof; you’re decision] to the post)


(Now it’s just part of the paragraph. @Carson can un-wad them now 😀)


Yep. I was surprised. In fact, I (as a pilot), was flying slower than normal on the advanced. On the contrary, at KNUC, there were 2 pilots: 1 who was told to follow instructions 4 times, and 1 who was told to check help pages. Also, I felt bad for @JeebakR, since he told pilots 10 times for them to know there was no pattern work accepted at this time, and then, the was this Lufthansa guy who then, said “Remaining in the pattern”. I was surprised he didn’t get ghosted.


I flew at SAN tonight in the nasa 747 and I thought the ATC was great, thanks @Joe and @Clement_Boisselier .
I also personally like the new restrictions. I now always turn my strobes off when I’m not in flight or on the runway and I like that advanced now has realistic flights and ATC meaning everyone following the rules.

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You don’t thank me too😏

Sorry, I put you in now

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Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad to hear your positive feedback!
Have great flights!

I enjoyed my flight in the good ol nassa 747 Sofia. I got to do a little formation flight with a Emirates 777-300 at 15,000 feet, a lot of fun

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Eeyeyeyeyeye. I flew in with a F-14! Then disconnected while approaching because somehow my iPad can’t handle approaches

Please note if the controllers are easy to control, pilots are harder to fly. Simple it that. I won’t say anything about ridiculous rule on here, but you have to know that not all of pilots that flying on advanced are ON THIS FORUM

P.S I wrote as a pilot that why I said ridiculous, if I am ATC I would love to have (but it won’t be real). But since I fly and control about same amount of my time, I can’t agree with it. Just personally.

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818 was the record and look at that a 767 going. 767kts… Please follow the rules folks as TRUST ME I HATE HAVING TO GHOST!


There’s the proof right there !

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If this is what you were talking about…

I was one of those people that came in to KSAN I think. You’re welcome. :)

(I was the Boeing Freight 747-8)


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