New Requirement for Expert server

this topic has been discussed for many years and yet it still get left in the dust, therefore I want to raise this topic up again.

infinite flight has attracted many many new players and it is a good thing for the community, however the problem lies at the grade requirement to achieve Expert server access, every now and then i see newer players completely disregard ATC instructions, cut people off on finals and refuse to elaborate, or even taxi trough other players to get to first in line to take off, I felt this is extremely unfair for both Pilots and IFATC members just for these people to “Troll” or act selfishly.

So the features i want to request is to raise the standard of the expert server, implement an examination system to make sure the players would at least know something before going into expert server, as well as nerfing the overpowered landing grind. i am tired of players act like they are still in training server.

Don’t have any votes left but I 100% agree with this. Would be fun to see the expert server being actual experts again.


Ive seen this topic raised on several occasions and I agree with the concept, but any sort of examination system or removing/adding new requirements would be a lot of additional work for staff/moderators.

I think a good compromise would be to increase the punishment for repeat level 2/3 violations.

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But even then, we have to consider the demographics of who uses Infinite Flight. Would the punishment period really make a difference if the person isn’t mature enough to understand?

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Plus, no matter how much they “raise the standards”, at the end of the day it is a number or a percentage, and it will always be grindable.

I’ve noticed this and similar behavior become painfully frequent within the past year or so. Often times it’s quite literally IMMEDIATELY after ATC closes when the airport becomes a free for all and there’s no consequences for these users that ruin the “expert server” experience for those who truly want to fly somewhat realistically.

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Infinite Flight is a subscription to a company, paying money. You have all sorts of people who take this simulator as a game, a bit of fun, nothing serious. Or aviation enthusiasts. Unfortunately the reality of setting examinations, or higher standards. I don’t think it will progress. I agree fully what you have discussed.