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I just read about the new updates for new airports scenery etc. It says that I have to restart the app to receive the updated navigation database. I’m not known to be a computer type, but I sure hope that doesn’t mean deleting the app, than reinstalling it??


It doesn’t mean re-installing IF completely. It means to close the app and make sure it isn’t running in the background then open it again to install the latest navigation database update.


I would believe to restart the app you would simply close it then relaunch.


Both above are correct. When you restart your app, if you don’t see a “Updating Navigation %”… Then reinstall the app completely - It shouldn’t come to that stage though.

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Copy. Thanks. I’m not noted for tech prowess😏

But a totall reinstall, I’d lose everything no? Ouch.

Ok thanks y’all. God I fly planes in real life and I can’t use a computer/phone. Yeehaww.

Nope not at all. All of your stats are stored internally.

When we say “reinstall app”, we mean that you delete the app and go back to the play store/Apple store and reinstall it. Once you reinstall it, you will reconfirm your account and then you will be logged back onto your account

Thant’s a relief. How about uhh. Let’s just say a guy forgets his password. Can I reset?

It should have instantly reconnected yourself with your google/facebook account…?

You can ask a Staff Member here and they should be able to reset it if you aren’t able to

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