New Region or Global Flight?

Or we could get 2 new regions that connect to previous ones every year

When we talk about “Global flight”, It includes all the detailed regions and airports in the world? Or only travelling SoCal to London? For example.

It would be cool if they could load google maps onto IF or something like that so we can fly to any airport in the world.

Good point Carson :)

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I always have wanted to fly in SBGR

I would also like global flight but also to merge regions would be cool

We don’t immediately need the full programme, they should really kick off the global flight story with connecting close regions. I’m absoutely ok if I can fly OAK - LGB, BHX - CGN or LHR - DUS. Trans-atlantic flights would get too boring for me, maybe JFK - LCY just for a try. I’d just like to be able to make short-haul real world routes.