New Region or Global Flight?

Keep the votes coming to show what the community want?
I want personnaly a global flight :)

  • Global Flight
  • New Region

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i will close this poll when we reach 100 votes!


If we had global flight, we wouldn’t need any new regions we would have he whole world.


My idea is to GitHub and IFAE
All IFAE can add airports does her community does, and then we can add in if, the “Other…” option on the region list, then choose a list called “community contributed”

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All the airports are really community contributed

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Making a region is more than just airports. The terrain and precision of each and every detail is the most time consuming.

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yes but the airports with regions…

Here i talk about airport around the world…
not necessary to create a new region. only a airport

this is exactly like google earth flight simulator online.

you have presets airports and a global map with all airports

in IF, all “global map” airport can be create by anyone IFAE team member (example, i can be AEditor and create LSGG, you can start from LFPG, exiting the region and land in LSGG at 0 ft with auto-generated scenery and only the “airport” map i create…

I’m sorry if you don’t understand but i think its a very interisting idea…

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I’m also 100% sure that all edited airports are handled by Cameron and crew. Implementing them is not like counting to 1,2,3…

If they add global flight, they first have to add all the big airports and later on the smaler airports, so we can fly earlyer

Who’s GitHub?

I don’t know

It’s not a person…

I know what GitHub is, but what does it doing with Global Flight? :/

this is a plateform where you can put codes and share with everyone you want

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Oh when you said “Who’s” it sounded like you were confused and thought it was person lol:) Sorry

I reckon global flight would start off with the existing regions, and then as terrain was added for everything else, the rest would be added.

On that basis I think London/Paris/Amsterdam would become the busiest regions as they are in close proximity. It’d be great to see traffic in Paris.

I think global flight might not work as well as anticipated. I personally would feel lonely if everyone else was soaring across the Atlantic whilst I explored the inner world.


Yea, I have thought about that too. Regions will be less populated.


Maybe they should add regions that combine. Like combining San Francisco and SoCal. Then expand to the east to Hawaii. Which could combine Australia and Asai. Then keep going when you get to the Middle East. Then combine Europe and Africa to the Middle East. Then you would get to the East Coast of North America and combine South Florida with Charlotte NC and have central Florida and Northern Florida, and Atlanta in between.(I don’t know why it was Southern Florida when it could’ve been all of Florida) Then you would also have KMYR(Myrtle Beach Intl.) in SC then go up to Washington DC./KDCA then BWI,Atlantic City Intl. and PHL Intl. and add New York to that. Next expand NY to KBOS and Toronto. After you get to Toronto they could be still be going to the east such as Pittsburg PA, Columbus Ohio, St.Louis which would connect to Chicago when you get to St.Louis. After that it would be going east again to Alabama which would connect to Gerogia, then to New Orleans, Houston, Dallas. Then you would be adding more to the St.Louis area to as Far East as Denver. You would add Salt Lake City’s airport and Las Vegas and Albuquerque then to Phoenic Sky Harbor then back to SoCal. The last thing would be to expand to the north of NorCal such as the airports between San Fran and Seattle. And then the rest of the Carribean and South America.


In the “IFAE” organization, the Airports repository contains a branch called “global”, or something similar. I believe it contains apt.dat files for most, if not all airports in the world. Right now it’s just used for reference, pulling data, backups, etc… But we would probably use that branch if global flight happened.

I can almost guarantee that global flight will have similar quality to current regions in terms of scenery. Devs definitely won’t just import airports and leave the scenery a blank white; the least they would do is create a generic scenery like we have now, without mountains & somewhat-semi-detailed terrain. Possibly import terrain data from another simulator/source? I don’t know, might not be possible but would be a huge game changer.


Just give me something. I’m fed up with flying EGLL-EGBB or EDDL-EHAM

thank you for this explanation! Like it! :)