New Region: Greece

Hello guys, hope you’re all doing well.

This feature request is for the addition of a new region to the non pro world of Infinite Flight, in this case, Greece. The idea for this region would be to include, as California, a big flying space coupled with six airports to fly into/out of. These airports are: Athens/LGAV, Thessaloniki/LGTS, Kavala/LGKV, Lemnos/LGLM, Skiathos/LGSK, and Alexandroupulis/LGAL.

I mentioned California as a comparisson, but Greece would be much smaller, with all the destinations being at less than an hour of flight from Athens. The borders (which were roughly trimmed in the picture I added) give enough maneuvering space for the player, without risking an engine cutout for exiting the region. I originally considered adding Istanbul to the map, but then thought it’d be too big of a region.
All destinations are served from Athens by Aegean Airlines (livery included in the A320), excepting Kavala, Lemnos and Skiathos.

This region would open more route diversity and improve the flying experience for those that can’t always pay for a Pro subscription.

Hope I can count on you guys for the addition of this area. And to see I want it, I’m going to give it my last vote.


Not sure why mention that when the A320 isn’t a free aircraft…

In fact - none of the free aircraft have a Greek airline livery so I don’t really see much point of a Greece region.

The free version of the app is meant to give users a small sample of what the app has to offer so just making more stuff free goes against that notion.


Highly agreed! If they were to include more regions and/or more free aircraft then what is the point of non-pro, although it gives a better experience, but I don’t think it’s worth it for the company

dont think will be added just because of Skiathos.

Many of us must have the A320 from when we had in-app purchases. That’s why I mentioned the A320.

Guess you decided to also skip the other airports.

Not necessairily, I’d argue a decent portion of the players currently don’t even know it was possible to purchase aircraft at one point, let alone having bought one. If you have the A320, lucky you.

I dont really see the point in this

Just voted.

Still i dont see the point. None of the free aircraft have Greek liveries

Why did you have to flag that? I didn’t think I said anything bad

Because it was off topic.

Not really

And just because it was for topic doesn’t mean you have to flag it 🤷‍♂️

OP Requested

Pretty sad the OP had to request closure of a perfectly valid feature due to some comments by others. If you don’t like the idea, feel free to move along and not vote for it.