New recruits on ATC?

What is hapening with ATC? I really appreciate ATC but today was a really shocking experience at EDDF.

  1. Taxing to 37 ATC was closed, no problem. I reported to unicom holding short. At that moment ATC was active again. Asked departure T&G. This was not accepted. At that time there were maybe two aircraft on ground. No reason to refuse ATC. Furthermore I was already set up for T&G with fuel for 30 min. Requested straight out.
  2. ATC closed and opened again when climbing out. Considered it might have an other controller. So I requested inbound 37 T&G. This was again denied. Asked departure. Was approved.
    3)As requested I changed frequency to departure. Checked in ifr. Departure asked my intentions. Asked approach landing 37. Got vectors. Got kicked out: not following assigned heading, … etc.

I’m really very disappointed!

I’m not going to dm these controllers but I do want to report this to the ATC supervisors and I hope they will review the quality of ATC closely. I’m training for my practical as ATC so I know what is asked of recruits. I therefore do not understand how these controllers could have passed their exams.

Could you share the replay to see exactly what happened?

Well it’s always the same … blaming ATC for own mistakes .

You switched frequency, and I said stay …
I gave you vectors and altitude for 07R but you decided to turn and descend by yourself to runway 36 . Feel free to appeal your violation


Hello there, it’s unfortunate that you’ve had to encounter these issues. Regardless of how both sides may view this incident, this could very well be resolved.

Firstly, given that you feel that you’ve been reported incorrectly, I suggest that you contact the appeals team. Should they see your side of the argument as well as agree that the violation should be reversed, it may be removed from your account.

To do this, clicking this link would give you a set of pre-formatted text that you’ll have to fill out to file your appeal.

Secondly, addressing the controller at hand, you don’t necessarily have to speak to them individually. Once the appeal has been filed and if there is a need to notify the controller of any substandard controlling qualities shown in the replay, this matter will be handled internally. Controllers are expected to report as the last form of intervention with abuse of this possibly leading to a permanent removal from the IFATC team.

Regardless of who is in the wrong, everyone can take this as a learning opportunity to improve themselves.