New Real World Grading

I think that it would be SUPER realistic that on live you have to use certain airplanes pertaining to your rank. For example, if you are a beginner you can only fly the boeing 737-,700,800, or the Airbus A318,A319, And A320. If you are a high rank you can fly the Boeing 777-200,300 or the Airbus A330-300, A340, and the A380. Keep in mind, this is only for live, so you can still fly all the airplanes on solo.

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Keep in mind the name of the app :p

Wouldnt be so infinite then would it.

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You can still fly what ever airplane you want on solo. Or they can just work their way up the ranks by gaining flight hours like in real life. :)

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree.

What if a beginner is good at flying a Boeing 747-400 and sucks at flying an Boeing 737-700 or Airbus A320?

Seems impossible, but I tell you, I was like that.

Lol what beginner doesn’t start with the 747-400😂

I guess they have to train before going online. :)

well, I think the idea is not that bad. Let’s think about it

If a Rookie IF pilot buys a plane, e.g. a B747-8, he/she should/could be able to use it solo and up to playground.

But on the advanced server, one should have some experience how to handle larger aircraft, …as in the real world. We all would gain more realism, because larger aircraft demand more thinking ahead to let it look and feel right. (one can still try to fly it as a Tomcat, but that is totally unrealistic. And realism is, what the Advanced server is aiming for.

And remember: The IF developers thought about something similar: Go to the aircraft select page and you will see right below the picture of the aircraft:

  • Required XP: 0
    it is just not activated and described.

I am not voting for or against it, but it is definitely an idea one could think about, as it would also increase our effort to achieve something and in return we would gain satisfaction, if one grades up.

Do you think they’ll wait a week before playing Live to fly their B747-8 or Dash 8?

Honestly, This idea just isn’t fair. To people who bought a B777 as their first plane and realize that they have to fly a C172 just to fly it in Live, it’s really, really just unfair (in my opinion). Even in the Advanced Server, their should be no restrictions on what you can or cannot fly. They just need to know a huge deal of ATC commands, pattern work, and not to goof of. They shouldn’t be restricted to fly props, like if they hate props.

Once this is implemented, expect huge refund demands and quitters and people who just criticize the devs for doing this.

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