New Qatar (Doha) FIR

There is going to be a new FIR (Flight Information Region) in the skies soon!

The International Civil Aviation Organisation has given a preliminary green-light for Qatar to control its own airspace. Until now, Qatar had delegated its air navigation services to Bahrain. However this left Qatar completely dependent on third-party air navigation services of neighbouring countries.

With this preliminary agreement by the ICAO, Qatar can take further steps to establish its own sovereign airspace and optimise the safety and efficiency of the regional airspace and contiguous airspace over the high seas.

It’s not often that I see (or pay attention) to things like this happen. A new airspace to fly into!

Read the full article below:


Very interesting! Never knew Qatar wasn’t controlling their airspace themselves. Thanks for the information!

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Yeah I never knew that until I read this, either! Even now if you go to an FIR map in the area, it reads “Bahrain”


Oh wow congratulations 🎉 to Qatar 🇶🇦

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