New Qantas Retrojet (Retro Roo II)

Oh my god.

Easily makes it to my top 5 favorite retrojets.

Not my photo but I darn wish it was:



I love all these old liveries making a comeback :) I hope that each established airline keeps a couple of planes permanently painted like that. Something with real character and unique feel to those liveries :). Of course there are some great modern ones too, but always nice to see a bit of history and recognition of one’s beginnings


Hit the nail on the head :). Exactly why I love retrojets. Love that old Qantas livery-Once John Travolta’s 707-138B gets retired, the 737-800 brings the amazing livery back to the skies.


It was painted in Townsville (My Home-City) too! :)

I saw it takeoff, as I was driving. It looks sexy, would love it to be on a BNE to TSV flight again!


i liked this classic quantas livery, would be niceier with Kangoroo logo. i love all classics liveries, normaly iam a classic gentleman.
if i have chance to visit australia, most of reason was be to see the Kangoroo in Real and the culture.

As part of our culture, we sadly eat Kangaroo.

but this pet isnt eatable, amazing.
i would be take at my home(with largest garden) if i was be living in australia.
in turkey gives also some stupid turkish peoples there killed horse and donkey and there mixed with beef.

Better call John travolta can we borrow your 707 for a day we need to compare liveries on this new 737-800