New Qantas Logo

As well as the new 787 livery Qantas Boeing 787-9 (New Livery) Qantas has got a new “2016” logo design, the old logo on the left and the new logo on the the right


yeah, like that ;)

It looks a lot nicer and bolder than the original! Approval from me!

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The ‘armless roo’


The previous one was better than it looks straight now

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Yeah just saw this! They have it for the new 787 livery, so we’ll need an update.


Original is 5x better


Time lapse of the A330 livery

Changes I’ve spotted so far:

  • New logo on engines

  • QANTAS painted on undercarriage including new font

  • Original Qantas logo painted under cockpit window

  • New Qantas logo on tail - includes new silver 3D look on the kangaroo (kangaroo is now armless 😧)

  • New Qantas font on fuselage

  • New logo on the inside of the winglets

  • Silver ribbon painted on tail

  • New Qantas logo (including new curved 787 tail) on website

Qantas has had a refresh for the centenary and for the upcoming 787 launch. They are planning to repaint all aircraft by 2020. QantasLink livery refreshers have not been confirmed yet.

The new only looks a bit more generic, but it’s a safer choice so I understand it tho.

Edit: Now imagine you didn’t know the old logo, would you recognise the new shape as a kangaroo? It doesn’t really look like it anymore, it’s just a weird shape.

The old one is better

Beautiful.Love it ❤️