New push back issue found in anotheir aircraft c-17

Hey so I have found anotheir broken scripted push back issue with the c-17 this is now two aircraft that need to be fixed, the 757 and the c-17 will both not push back at all resetting the game or redownloading the aircraft won’t help at all it seems to be an aircraft issue I think these two should be looked at immediately when ever the aircraft dev team are finished with the md and D.C. And crjs

Is your aircraft too heavy? Are you trying to execute a sharp turn while pushing back?

Can you provide a video? I have heard others with the push back but I dont think I have seen it.

Edit - I tried a C17 and was able to push back at all weights.

Not to heavy already tried it with no cargo it won’t push back at all

Same with the 757-200 I think both of the models were damaged by the update

Hold on I’ll put up the video in a second

I’ve had issues with the c17 as well with absolutely no load. Tried uninstalling the game restarted my phone and nothing.

Try from the hud view. Which airport / parking spot are you at?

When you moved the rudder I didnt see any movement so I wonder if its an issue with the camera?

I’m at Nellies AFB I already tried that it won’t push back at all

The model is also super outdated theirs no rudder action on this aircraft or landing gear action

Go to settings>controls>restore defaults

Linking this support thread to this issue as it appears its a consistent issue.

Try this solution and report back

Doesn’t work same issue

I really just think the models and their scripts need to be updated and should be the next aircraft to be updated it’s been six years so it is time

I think Laura announced that there was going to be a rework on the C-17 at the end of 2017.

Well then be sure to vote for it here!


Yeah this need to be done around the next two updates the the 757 and the c-17 need a rework and definitely the c-17 because it still has no cockpit no moveing rudders no moving flaps the flight controls are crappy the balance setting are crappy the gear doesn’t move the textures are old and push back is broken auto pilots bouncy no spoiler movement or full up no engine reverse movement and no working cargo door

This seems to be going around in circles…

I don’t think the 757 will be reworked at the same time at the C-17

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