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I think this belongs here but I am not for sure. Ok so I am planning on changing my profile picture and I need your opinion on which one.

  • 1st picture
  • 2nd picture
  • 3rd picture

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And yes this is for IFC


You might wanna post here

But that is custom I am just asking for an opinion

Maybe if you would like to have some suggestions, either check the thread @Pilot_urp said or PM @PlaneCrazy for one. @PlaneCrazy made my current one :)


Ok I check it out.

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Should I have a mod close or should I wait till Tomorrow to see what the results are?

I think you should wait. Take in opinions.

Ok will do.

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The city skyline sure would sure look great in your profile pic! I hope those were some nice flights.

And by the way, the voting-option-title “2nd picture” could have some issues… some would think you’re talking about the bottom-left photo, while others (like me) might think you’re talking about the photo on the top right. Might want to specify a little more… :)

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Poll will close by 7:30 am mst

Poll is now closed thanks to everyone who voted!

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