New POV and a Sad-Dog at Orly

Hello, IFC

I was trying really hard not to go spotting again, but I accidentally found myself at Orly with all of my gear again…

I’ll try my best not to make a spotting topic.



Today was one of the first sub-zero days of the year in Paris so naturally, I went spotting on accident. Here are some of my best shots…

Firstly, an A350-900. I had not spotted one of those in a hot few minutes…
The colors may not fully match between the pics because in the second one, there was a small cloud in front of the sun.

Now, we have an EasyJet A320NEO beacon shot

And an Air Corsica A320NEO with a fancy green sticker to distract from the fact that they are burning 746478 liters of fuel per second

An Air France A319 in the beloved Crevette livery

A TAP Air Portugal A321NEO coming from Portugal

And an A330 that was as dusty as last time I saw it but I set yellow saturation to 0 to help it look a bit cleaner despite not having seen water since it was built in 1928

At this point, I left the spot for lunch. As it was my first time doing a whole day of spotting, I needed nutrients.
I walked into a beautiful french bakery filled to the brim with iconic foods and, being the good international person I am, settled for a small bucket of pineapple and a loaf of white bread.

I came back to the spot a half hour later and the contrast really settled in.

An A320NOTNEO coming from somewhere

Not last but not least, the plane I flew last time I did the MAD-ORY trip.

On the first day of December, I set myself some spotting goals to motivate me to go spot some interesting things. One of these was to spot a Maddog. Despite them not having flown in and out of France since I started tracking them, I had to get creative.

It has no nose or engines but it still counts, right?
I’ll just tick it off my list for now.

Also, I counted, and I spotted 22 Transavia 737s today. Should I make a topic just for them?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thank you for looking at my pics!

See you soon :)



great photos


Awesome shots!

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It would seem I have failed No-Spot September for the 29 past consecutive months, if my hard drive is correctly organized

I need a life


Thanks a lot!

rip Maddog.

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It is quite literally ripped, yes

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Woa it’s sunny

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No rain? Blasphemy!

No but really these are once again some great shots! I always enjoy seeing your work on here. Really ought to go to France to stalk you sometime.

And good ol’ Air Liberté, a blast from the past. At least the plane’s still there, whether she flies or not. Reminds me of our signature 757 at Brussels.

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Instant sunburn

Thanks a lot!

Same for you! Always a pleasure to see

We should spot together :)

Yep, very few left

Yeah, I’m glad it was there so I could tick the MD off my list

Lmao it’s still there??

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If that ain’t relatable, I don’t know what is.

No problemo.

Aw thanks man. Should get around to making another one “soon” if I don’t put it off again.

We really should at this point ;) .

Can imagine, they’ve been gone for almost 20 years now (if you count Air Lib as well).

Always nice to tick one off. Unfortunate we don’t have any in Belgium (to my knowledge) :( .

It is, doubt it’ll go anywhere soon really. Not like it’s in the way.

if it helps i have poor organization as well

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How long should we keep answering our quotes?

Can’t wait!


Maybe in a scrapyard somewhere?

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Thank you, it does lol

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I can do this all day. Props if you get the reference.

I’ll tag you if I don’t forget.

Booking a flight as we speak.

Maybe but I doubt it. No Belgian airline even operated any sort of MD-80 so. A lot of planes used to be dismantled at Brussels and Ostend, so maybe an MD-80, but nothing is left of those to my knowledge.

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Is that a CA reference?

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Really? 😳

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It is.

You bet.

I wish. Nah I’m in the middle of exams right now, and even in Christmas break I have school work. Plus a car ride would be much cheaper compared to a flight from Brussels to Paris.

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Darn it

We should meet halfway

Im also going through exams lol… good luck 🤝

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Lille or Charleroi seem to be about halfway. At least commercial airport wise xD.

Good luck mate!

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