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Hey everyone,
Some of you might have seen my previous post. I would like to share it again. I hope you all check my latest video. Need your support everyone. Thank you.
Link to the video:
Also if you like the content, please give it a like. Comment your favourite route so that i can try it and create a video on it. Also do subscribe for more awesome contents.
My YouTube channel link:


Great looking video there! Your landing wasn’t the best, but other than that, good job!

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The video was epic!

You should do PANC to some place in the US. When you cross the southern Alaska/Canada border, it’s made of mountains like you’ve never seen. It’s amazing!


Thanks @Butter_Boi
I will try and do better landing next time sure.

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Sure i will try that route. Also if i am not wrong i have seen your videos as well. @anon38496261

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