New Possible Cabo Verde 757-200 Livery?

I just ended a beautiful flight from Sao Paulo to JFK, and when I was arriving at busy New York, I saw someone I least expected to see: @MishaCamp

I am almost sure it was a 757-200 test flight, and was arriving from a Cape Verde airport to NY. I was thinking: it is not possible to visualize the shape of the aircraft (for obvious reasons), and and there is a huge possibility of being another airline livery.

However, I think there is also a high probability of having the Cabo Verde Airlines livery, which was requested a lot here in the community, but which has not been confirmed yet.

It may be my imagination, but I wanted to share this experience so that you can think about it!
Thanks for your atention guys!

PS.: My apologies to @MishaCamp for pulling an investigation about your flight!

2°PS.: Sorry if I offended someone here in any way, clearly it was not my intention to create speculation…


Not sure about that one mate, and even if it’s Cabo Verde there are 3 of them out in the wild. In the meantime, you can congratulate Misha on finally getting beta access in Community Members spotted on Live, and as for speculating, you can post your best tin foil hat pictures in the 20.3 tracking thread (Actually please don’t do that, speculation is not cool)


To be honest, I do not see any livery there. It is as usual you can’t see what the staff wants to hide. There is no news to see a staff member fly around with something invisible.

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Thanks. It’s been a dream of mine since 1856. Glad to finally get there. Dream big, people


Feel free to continue in the linked thread by Alexander.