[New Poll] @Socata_1's World Tour: Mountains vs Islands?

Hey y’all, I’d like the community’s involvement in my flying adventures on IF.

Here’s my game plan: I put out 3 options, the community votes, and then I fly that direction based on votes. Based on the votes (even if it’s just a few), I’ll do a full flight plan workup and share details about the next flight, etc.

So, without further ado. I’m starting at KLEX, my home airport in Lexington, Kentucky. I’ll be flying the TBM9 (my favorite) with the Sea Blue livery as N689LX. AND PLEASE, definitely feel free to join me. I’ll take some sporadic flights but I’ll try to add some departure times as well. All flights will be flown on the Expert Server.

Flight 001

  • East to KCRW (Charleston, WV)
  • South to KAVL (Asheville, NC)
  • North to KERI (Erie, PA)

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The Journey So Far


Potential Flight Plans for Flight 001

Route Remarks Distance ETE
KLEX-KCRW Nice and easy flight. Hop on to V4 airway from HYK to HVQ 146 nmi 0h43m
KLEX-KERI Fly airways to the North. A little more complicated with Cleveland and Pittsburg’s giant airspace 362 nmi 1h34m
KLEX to KAVL A nice flight into the Blue Ridge Mountains 190 nmi 0h50m

Flight 001: KLEX-KCRW Flight Plan

Looks like I’m headed to Charleston first! I’m looking forward to this mountain top landing. This is a relatively short flight at about 0h41m in air + 20m for startup and shutdown. I’m going to hop onto the the HYK VOR and follow the V4 airway all the way to Charleston and hop off on the SALTY air fix for a RNAV approach to RW05.

Flight Plan

Departure Arrival Route Altitude Fuel ETE ET
KLEX KCRW KLEX HYK ECB SALTY SHOAL KANCO KCRW FL150 90g 0h41m 2019-06-23T19:00:00Z

KLEX Weather and Procedures

Currently, Runway 22 has favorable wind conditions for takeoff with winds coming from 210° at 8 kts. VFR conditions. Scattered clouds at 2,300 and the TAF reporting thunderstorms by 2019-06-24T02:00:00Z.

KCRW Weather and Procedures

Wind at KCRW has been calm for the last 24 hours. If they remain calm, I’ll be flying a straight in for Runway 05.

Next Poll

I’m off to Charleston shortly. But in the meantime, the community chooses. Where do I fly after Charleston, West Virginia?

  • North to KBHB - Bar Harbor, Main
  • South to KJZI - Charleston, South Carolina

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You should come to Manchester, NH @Socata_1 :). Maybe later I could fly with you somewhere in New England

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Maybe that can be a pitstop on the way to Bar Harbor. Cathedral Ledge in NH is one of my favorite places up in the north east, along with Mount Washington. I’d be curious to see how the winds are modeled around Mount Washington.

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If it’s around 6pm, I’ll be able to tag along

It’ll be after midnight tonight if I start the flight tonight. Poll ends at 1155pm today.

Oh, then unfortunately I can’t join that early :(. Maybe next time when I’m not asleep :)

Flight 001: KLEX-KCRW Notes

That was a nice and short flight to Charleston in the TBM9. Perfect weather, beautiful evening sun, and flying over my home state of Kentucky. The weather had changed in enough time from my initial planning that I had to change from Runway 22 to Runway 4 at KLEX.

I also posted a video of the flight to the #screenshots-and-videos at KLEX-KCRW TBM9 Video

Parked on the Apron in General Aviation at KLEX.

Take off from Runway 4 at KLEX


Beginning my departure to the East. I’m climbing at 2000fpm at 124 kts.


Saying goodbye to Lexington. I have no idea where this journey will take me or when it will end.


On approach into the Charleston area.

On final to Yeager Field (KCRW) for Runway 5.

Not enough nose flare, but still a down the center landing nonetheless.

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I’m off to Charleston, South Carolina next, but let’s throw up another poll to get the ball rolling on where I’ll fly after I get to Charleston number 2. I’ll add the Flight Plan sometime later on Monday.

  • South to KOPF - Miami-Opa Locka Executive
  • West to KNEW - New Orleans
  • North to KACK - Nantucket

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Flight 002 - KCRW-KJZI


Looks like I’m headed from Charleston, WV to Charleston, SC next and the current poll is sending me south to Miami if nothing changes. It closes 2019-06-25T02:00:00Z.

I’m going to fly an unconventional route for this flight that tracks me to some of the highest points in the Appalachia near the Blue Ridge Mountains down towards Asheville where I hope to get a glimpse of Mt Mitchell, and then I’ll shoot for the coast. When I’m near the mountain I plan on flying around 6’500-7’500 and then I’ll pop back up to FL155 for the rest of the trip. I need to check VFR altitudes again to make sure I have the altitudes correct.

Flight Plan

Departure Arrival Route Altitude Fuel ETE Distance

KCRW Weather and Procedures

There is light rain in the area but visibility at 10 sm. Clouds are few at 2,500’ and broken at 8,000’ with winds from 230° at 6 kts. Winds are favoring a RWY 23 takeoff. The departure procedure for 23 is to climb heading 233° to 1400 before turning left.

KJZI Weather and Procedures

I’ve planned as if I’ll be vectored into Miami Executive off of the the IRQ VOR using the OSPRI6 arrival procedure. Current TAF forecasts winds from 210° at 9 kts, visibility more than 6 sm, and clouds scattered at 6,000’ until 9am tomorrow. Winds are favorable for a RWY 22 approach.

Flight 002: KCRW-KJZI Video and Notes

Another nice evening run. I tracked along the Appalachian Mountains towards Asheville where I spotted 2NCO near Mt. Mitchell. 2NCO, aka Mountain Air Airport, is a fun private airport on top of a mountain worth flying into. I’ve flown into it on other sims but I don’t think it’s modeled very well yet for IF. Maybe it can be an airport I add to my list of contributions if I can figure airport editing out. Loved the purple hues as I settled into Charleston this evening. You can see them towards the end of the video.

Also, The community has spoken once again (all 3 of us ha ha) and I’ll be off to Miami Executive next. I’ll be very curious to see where I get voted off to next. It will either be to some eastern or southern islands off the coast of Florida, or across the Gulf towards Texas.

Flight 003: KJZR-KOPF
Charleston Executive to Miami Executive

Coastal views are the name of the game for this flight. I’ll track down the eastern coast of the US from Charleston, SC to Miami, FL. I’ve plotted a route that stays almost entirely right on the coast. When I get near Miami Executive (KOPF), I’ll use the FISEL7 approach starting at TRV. I’m expecting Runway 12 or 27 due to current weather, and 12 seems appropriate for GA flights. I’ll depart using the KIAWA1 Departure procedure from KJZI and exit on a radial towards CRG from MILIE. I’ll be taking enough fuel for a reserve of 1 hour.

I think what I’m most excited about is whatever the next flight may end up being. It’ll either send me south or west. South through the Caribbean or West across the Gulf. I have no idea if or when I’ll stop this particular journey (maybe if I end up near KLEX again).

Flight Plan

Via SkyVector

Departure Arrival Route Altitude Fuel ETE Distance

Current Weather

Via Windy

KJZI It’s currently misting at KJZI with about 6 sm of visibility. Wind is 220° at 6 kts and clouds scattered at 5,500’, 6,500’, and broken at 8,000’

KOPF First order of business is that there it a NOTAM that 09L/27R is closed daily from 0100-1300. We’ve got VFR conditions, winds from 170° at 5kts, skies clear. Could be a gorgeous approach into Miami if those conditions hold.

June 25 Choose My Flight Poll

I’m currently on my way to Miami Executive and it’s time for the next Poll. This is where things are going to get interesting. I thought I was going to head North towards New England but y’all sent me South. Where to next?


  • South to TNCM - Saint Maartan
  • South West to MHTG - Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • West to KGLS - Galveston, Texas

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Looks like a strong possibility that I’m headed through the Caribbean next! I know nothing about aviation in South America, so if you have recommended airports/places to see via VFR let me know. Thanks!

Flight 003: KJZR-KOPF
Screenshots and Notes

That was a nice flight down the south eastern coast of the U.S. It definitely looks like the Southern Hemisphere is where I go next. I’ll have to look into what it takes to cross from South America to Africa (if it’s even possible in the TBM9).


Off into the pre-dawn sky at KJZR


Several airport beacons off in the distance on a dark early morning. I’ve had the moon in the late evening but it seems to be gone at this point.

I believe this was the Northern Florida coast.

Turning inland for my approach to KJZR. Interesting side note I need to figure out. KJZR exists inside of KMIA airspace. I was given permission to transition at 3000’ or above but I’m not quite sure I did that right. I’ll have to ask in the ATC forum.

Over the numbers touch down at 12 at KOPF.

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Flight 004: KOPF-TNCM
Miami Executive to Princess Julianna


Looks like I’m about to do some island hopping through the Caribbean next! I’ve plotted a route that takes me directly over several islands on my way to Princess Julianna. I’ll be flying directly over Nassau, Turks and Caicos, along the coast of the Dominican Republic, over Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands, and finally approach into TNCM. There will be plenty of sight seeing to do.

I plan on stopping for a refuel in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic because I’ll be over MTOW for fuel. I’ve used BR (Bahama Route) and A (Oceanic and ATS) airways to plot my route among the islands. Because this is a VFR flight that’s transitioning thought the Bahamas, I have to fly during the day. No nighttime VFR routes are allowed in the Bahamas.

Flight Plan

Departure Arrival Route SID STAR Altitude Fuel ETE Distance

Current Weather

KOPF TAF is calling for wind from 70° at 8 kts, clouds few at 3,500’, scattered at 6,000’ and visibility more than 6 sm at noon EDT.

MDPP No TAF available, but there are currently thunderstorms in the area as of 2am EDT. Marginal VFR, and visibility 5sm.

TNCM 10am EDT TAF is calling for winds from 130° at 12 kts, more than 6sm of visibility, and clouds few at 2,200’. The TAF expires at 7pm EDT.

Fuel Stop in MDPP

MDPP is a single strip with runways 08 and 26. Winds are calm now, but who knows tomorrow morning. If it works out, I’ll prob aim for 08 on left traffic, entering on the downwind leg.

Where to next?

Which direction in South America should I fly next? To the west and hit up the Andes? Or to the East and hit up Rio?

  • Western South America towards the Andes
  • Eastern South America towards Rio de Janeiro

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@Naz It’s looking a little lonely for heading down the eastern coast…

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Flight 005 - TNCM-SKGY
Princess Julianna to Cundinamarca, Colombia


This is going to be a long haul (at least for the TBM9), to the mountains of Columbia. This will set me up for a trip down the western side of South America and through the Andes. You all get to pick where I go past SKGY again.

I’ll be taking off from Princess Julianna on the JULNA2.DANDE departure, and flying via airways to SKGY at FL280. To make things as realistic as possible, I’m going to set my N1 to whatever the POH recommends for cruise at altitude and temp (I believe it’s 96% at -40°C but I need to check).

Flight Plan

Departure Arrival Route SID STAR Altitude Fuel ETE Distance

Current Weather

Great weather at TNCM with winds from 80° at 4 kts, visibility more than 6 sm, a few clouds at 1,800’. I believe that puts me on a Runway 10 departure. Nearest weather to SKGY is coming from SKBO (El Dorado International). Looks like VFR conditions with wind from 90° at 10 kts and visibility more than 6 sm. I’m a little hesitant to simply rely on that because I’ll be landing between tow mountains that appear to be towering a few thousand feet over the airport. Things could change drastically because it’s the mountains.

Where to next?


  • SEMT - Southwest to the Ecuadorian Coast
  • SELT - South to the high mountains of Ecuador

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