New Plymouth Airport upgrade

This isn’t the biggest of news but it’s big for me. New Plymouth Airport is being partially demolished and rebuilt. The new terminal will feature: Jet Star check in, more room for retail etc. And a bigger car park.
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Oooh, I’m also a Kiwi, and that’s great news!!


More details please? A link? Source?


I use mobile mostly so I don’t know how to put links I found out on Stuff!

Correction! The temporarily terminal will be complete by early 2018. The new main terminal will be complete by 2019.

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Ummm… great news for Kiwis. 👍

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And I’m also in love with the Christchurch one. Just a note if you look at Auckland on if it has two runways but in reality it hasn’t been built yet?

Auckland Uses one runway. (23L and 5R), the other one in IF, that’s a main taxiway, used if the other runway is closed. It’s designed for being a runway but isn’t a runway.

Ohhh thank you that clears it up thank you

Yes and I believe it’s being fixed in a later Updated

Ok that’s sweet thank you

The expansion has begun! It began weeks ago and I’ve seen it in person!

the auckland runway situation seems peculiar

Check my message above about that

I know I am just saying that I have never seen or heard of that before

I can see what you mean

Nelson airport is also being heavily upgraded

New Air Traffic Control Tower

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