New planes

As amazing as IF is I would still like to see some more planes. I was thinking about these:

  1. 737-200
  2. Airbus A310, A300, A300-600F
  3. 727-200
  4. L-1011
  5. 707-320
  6. DC-8-30
  7. Concorde

Hopefully IF staff see this and considers adding these AWSOME aircraft.

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Hey there,
unfortunately the Concorde will not be added in IF anytime in the future as this post explains.


Hey @Humanguy! Please make sure to follow the category guidelines.

You can also go to #features and vote for the aircraft you want to have in IF someday.


Hey mate some of the aircraft that you have listed are not in service anymore!

Which meaning certain flights for these aircraft would not be found on Flight Radar 24!

Oh that makes sense. Sorry thought it meant talking about something live 😂

Thanks for saying that because I need someone to explained what FR24 has to do with IF can someone explain that?

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Hey, you’re absolutely right that adding new aircraft could make the game better. And there’s plenty of people that agree with you. As stated above this is post is actually against the guidelines of this community.

Here’s some pre-existing feature requests that may interest you.

Make sure to vote for the ones you want, that way they have a better chance of being added at some point in the future.


Ok many pilots like myself fly in a realistic manner we find flights off of FR24 and suggest them as a route for the full package of realism.

There are several other threads that relate to this post. For the planes you would like to see please vote on their respective feature requests or you can continue a conversation here What aircraft do you think will be reworked next?

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Oh I see I use flight aware for that because they lay it out completely with all the fixes and waypoints. And occasionally I also use Maybe that can help you for different routes 😀.

Not the appropriate use of #features