New Plane Who Dis... The Frenchie

Hello IFC,
Today I would like to introduce the née plane I will be flying! The New plane I will be flying is a Socata Trinidad Built by the French! I will be doing my complex rating in the airplane the next few days while I am home for Christmas break! The Socata Trinidad is a 300HP, Retractable gear airplane that can seat 4 passengers! Below are some pictures from today’s familiarization! Enjoy and as always ask questions below!


Really interesting looking airplane! I can’t say I ever heard of it let alone saw one, which makes this even more interesting! Thanks for the pictures! Is it similar to the C172 flight characteristics wise?

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I’m not to sure! From what I know it’s faster and a little bit slicker to fly

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I’d fly that. Never seen/heard of it before but it looks nice.

Happy Holidays!

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That cockpit is sweeeeeet…love the Trinidad.

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I’m excited to fly it

It’s really sleek and can haul

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Awesome man! Your gonna love it! Nothing like a 172… at all. Have fun, be safe.

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Cool plane! Socata is now Daher.

That yoke looked like an MD11 yoke, hmm 🤔

The things that stick in my head from flying both the TB-20 and TB-21 “31” years ago were that the trailing link landing gear made for nice landings. But with the narrow wheelbase and that trailing link, it felt squirrely in crosswinds. (It never felt settled down until you were well below flying speed) I love the throttle, prop, mixture lever locations as they are in your arm’s normal resting position, sort of like driving a little sports car with a short little manual transmission shifter. The one thing I didn’t like was the callus that develops on your thumb from having to push the key in to start it.

I would be very interested to hear what you think about the plane. I remember it being quite fun to fly. Congrats on the upgrade!

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I’m confused why this posted?

I’ll be flying it this afternoon so I’ll definitely see for sure

Sorry, someone said they never see it before, that’s it.

Interesting, thanks!!

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