New Plane, Who dis? Part 2

Hello IFC,
Today I have a surprise! Recently my friend and mentor who did the annual on the Beechcraft Baron is completing a annual on 1972 Cessna 182P. This airplane doesn’t fly a lot only 6 hours last year and so my mentor/friend is going to work out a deal to where I can get my high performance rating in the airplane and fly it once a week for it to stay in running shape! Below are some pictures of the plane!
As always comments and questions welcome!


I definitely like the blue livery on it, looks like a very nice bird


That color scheme is amazing. You’ll definitely have fun. Try doing a barrel roll! 😂

It’s a beautiful airplane! The panel could use some work though

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It’s beautiful! I will pass on the barrel roll

That blue is beautiful in the sunlight😍! It reminds me of Aviation101’s Cessna.

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It does a little bit. It’s a very nice paint scheme

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Although it reminds me of the first plane that I ever flew that had that exact pattern on it only it was orange and not blue

I don’t recall a 172P needing a high performance endorsement. Is there some sort of special STC on this thing?

Yeah that was a typo… meant to say 182

A barrel role is fun on a plane

Lol not in these you can’t. How about you do one and tell me how it goes

At a high altitude you should be good lol. Yea I guess a Baron 58 has a lot more power

Nooo not possibly at all. These types of airplanes can’t do that stuff.

dangggg the blue 🔥😫 lookin like a snack
that thing is gonna be fun to fly

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I love the blue! I can tell just by taxing it around it be fun to fly

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