New Plane VA Inaugural.

What I thought could be a cool idea was whenever FDS makes a new aircraft, there is a VA that wants to make an inaugural with the new aircraft. What I meant is how there is a launch customer, and an airline goes and wants to be the launch customer. This would be a cool idea for when the other CRJ’s come out (Not saying any other plane will come out), a VA will ask to be the launch customer. It would be fair because each airline would take turns. There will be a mini event at the hub of the airline and they will perform different maneuvers and do mini checks such as landing gear at high altitude (IDK). What do you guys think?

  • Yes, it would be a cool idea!
  • No, the VA can do their own Inaugural on their own time.

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EDIT: I thought this would be a cool idea. If Mods want to they can change the topic or close it down. Thanks!


It sounds confusing and makes little sense logistically. Virtual airlines are not officially endorsed by FDS but instead just administered by the IFVARB. Giving a virtual airline, which is not FDS ‘approved’ doesn’t make sense. If virtual airlines want to make an event as their first CRJ flight that’s cool, but this just sounds complicated unnecessary and confusing.


I was just saying how there are launch customers. They fly the plane first. Just like how airBaltic was the launch customer with the C Series. But instead, it is the VA.

I know what you’re saying, but it’s a horrible idea. As Kevin said, VAs aren’t endorsed by FDS, and delaying the release of an aircraft and only letting a certain group fly it would be really unfair to the other folks with Pro subscriptions.


I know Kevin said that. And tbh horrible is kinda harsh to me lol. It just a suggestion. Didn’t need criticism. Only the vote was what I was looking for.

They are just giving you their opinions. BTW if your looking for people to vote on something like this, post it in the #features


I don’t think it’s a bad idea, it would be great to have some collaboration between FDS and the VA’s for launch events, it would look great on the map and would be easy to fill up in a short notice.

There’s no obligation between FDS to VA’s, but the VA’s are an important part of the community that could help launch new aircraft

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But we have FNF’s that feature the aircraft that come out, so it’s not like FDS doesn’t provide us with events that feature a new aircraft.

I also think this isn’t a good idea, as it wouldn’t be fair for some members or pro subscribers like me. I think this was also stated above, but I’m pretty sure VA’s like to do their inaugural flights


I think each VA has their own view on it obviously. When the 321 was released, we did a delivery event from mobile to our hubs, in my eyes, imagine a delivery event where each VA is taking the aircraft to their hubs. Would have looked great and given the VA’s involved the spotlight.

It involves VA collaboration, and I strive for DLVA to be a part of such and working together.

I liked your idea a little, but could be a bit more explained because it was a bit confusing!

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Its not the best idea but it could be cool.

@GolferRyan, chill, no need to be so damn straight. You could at least softned it. The topic’s author must have been angry at your comment.

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It does sound like a interesting idea, that would be very fun to the launch customer VA. But as there are many VA’s and little new planes, some VAs might need to wait a few years. That would be extremely unfair. It would be complicated to, because of the amount of work needed to program a plugin, that prevents others from flying the aircraft before the general launch. It is way easier, if every VA, that wants, just does a launch for themselves. That would be easy AND fun for everyone.


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