New Plane Icon For Rear-Engined Jets

Hello IFC!
I am going to make this request short and to the point.
As you may know, the CRJ family is being redone, bringing the CRJ planes with engines near the back of the plane to IF! As this is happening, I thought this would be the perfect time to request a little feature: a back engine plane icon for the map and or for ATC. The plane would be the same size as the other icons, except look like this:

  • A short body
  • Wings not far from the front of the plane, have them fairly straight
  • Engines a little bit behind the wings
  • Elevator tip near the back of the plane appearing to be on the tail of the aircraft

This would be a good icon for the following aircraft:

  • CXX
  • B717/ MD90
  • CRJ-200
  • CRJ-700
  • CRJ-900
  • CRJ-1000
  • If ERJ series planes are released with back engines, these would do as well

I fell this would be a great addition to IF and specifically with the update coming!
Safe Flights! -Infinite_Flyer

This would be great, nice idea. The devs may already have this in the back of their minds ;)
Don’t forget to vote for your request.

i just did. Happy you like it ;-D

I would change the title from Back Engine plane to regional jet. Sounds great!

Or possibly rear mounted engines.

This was added in the latest version of the simulator, 19.1!


Thanks so much Infinite Flight!

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