New Plane...back to Playground

I dont know if anyone else does this or considers doing this but I just got the Dash 8 this past Friday and I reached Grade 4 the same day. I have been flying around everywhere in the B772ER on Advanced but now that I got the dash 8, I do not want to get ghosted or hit with a violation for messing up in anyway possible so I drop to Playground for leniency. Does anyone else do this when they get in a different plane they are not comfortable with?


No, not usually. When you get ghosted or a violation on grade 4 or 5 you are stills grade 3 and only for 3 days.

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There are rules being enforced on ATC Playground as well.
When you need to practice, try the Free Flight Server or Solo! :)

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No I don’t do this. Just don’t overspeed 250kts under 10,000, don’t go 35kts on taxiway, and follow ATC’s directions

When I first got the Dash, I practiced a lot in Solo


Same here, first few flights in a new aircraft I fly it in solo, starting with short finals about 5 times to get the hang of the landing and handling before moving on to live ! :-)


There might still be a misunderstanding about Playground.
The server is called ‘ATC Playground’. That is a big difference.
It’s a place for ATC to get the hang of things. It’s NOT a pilot’s playground. Rules are enforced. The only difference is that ATC can’t ghost pilots.
If you want to test certain aircraft of just fool around, the Free Flight Server is the place to go.

Instead of “Back to Playground”, I would have written “Back to Solo”, that’s the best place to test the aircraft.


I still fly on advanced, you learn from your flight. Just follow ATC’s direction and you’re good

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