New Pilots- Terms

Dear new pilots as you join the community and VA’s you may come across some terms regarding time. Zulu is military time, it’s a universal time that makes it easier for pilots in different timezones to meet up at the same time.
The same is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time.

Terms like “Greasing” or “Buttering the bread” are terms for a smooth landing.

If you are not familiar with the Ryanair jokes and references in the forum its just that they had a reputation for landing roughly so if you hear “that’s a Ryanair landing” or “landing like Ryanair” that is what it means, a bad landing.

When we talk hight or altitude sometimes we use Mach(M) for speed and Flight level(FL) for hight. so don’t be confused by that E.G “Fly at 0.75M at FL 330” Meaning fly at the speed equal to 0.75M, you can find this under the speed indicator to the left. And fly at 33,000 feet.

ATC means Air Traffic Control

FNF means Friday Night Flight. it’s a popular event that occurs every Friday and is especially liked by pilots on Expert server.

WIP means Work In Prosses. You will usually see this on IF’s posts.

the IFATC are the ones who does ATC service at expert server.

there are different VA’s. a VA is a Virtual Airline and you’ll find plenty, I would recommend joining on that has been IFABVA approved.

there is also VO’s. they are Virtual Organisations. They do a little of everything but they are related to IF(Infinite Flight)

Hope this makes you more confident and ready to meet the community.


If I’ve forgotten something feel free to add to it.


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This topic isn’t really needed, as most of it is covered in other topics.

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We have the wonderful #tutorials category for things like this and searching certain terms/acronyms/avgeek jargon is a viable option here on IFC too.

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