New Pilots From Latin America

HI everyone !!

I would like to know how many users are from Latin America and if there is a pilots from Ecuador?

I would like to participate in a joint flight and reach the same destination

My flight time is 238h48mn

Thank you and happy landings



There are a ton of pilots from Latin America here. But I know that they also have their own forum (somewhere)…

Well Welcome To IFC!! 👋🏻


hey hello I’m from latin america, to be more specific, I’m from Mexico. I do not know if it is necessary that this message be in English hahaha

Welcome to this community. I am from Puerto Rico.

Hi and welcome to IFC, my name is Bryant and I’m from El Salvador.

Hi. I’m Lucas and I’m from Ecuador! So I guess you’re not the only one. I also do many routes from there.

Hi from Brasil! Welcome to this comunity! More of south america in the Infinite Flight! Together we are strong!

Hello , I AM Braziliam !!! Welcome

Im not from SA but I can you tell you that there is an insane ammount of Brazilians in IF.

He talk about South America…

I know what a subcontinent is ,Wendel, you just missunderstood what i said. Of course I know Brazil isnt SA, I just dont talk about the Argentinian or Bolivian because idk anything about them.

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