New Pilot trying to find Friends

My name is Mathieu and I’m a new pilot. Ive reached Grade 3 but I’m still feeling alone. People told me that there are virtual airlines. They also told me that VAs are a very good way to find new friends, meet new people. I wanted to know how can i integrate these virtual airlines? OR How can i just integrate a community to not feel that alone.



Apply to a VA! :D

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Hey Mathieu!

Firstly, I’m so glad you’re interested in making new friends while exploring the Infinite Flight skies.

Virtual Airlines are ways to fly as a part of a team! Logging flights while enjoying events and an airline-style format.

You can see the list of active virtual airlines here:

To find their threads, scroll through the #live:va category.

Another way to make friends and fly with others is through group flights and events!

See these two categories:


Finally, you can find other community members in the skies and say hi on this thread:

Our community is open and always willing to fly! I’ll see you in the skies.


Thank you so much for your fast answers I’m so happy that there are ways to not feel alone.


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And how can i apply to these VA?

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You shouldn’t feel alone here, it’s a great place! I hope you make some great friends along your journey with the IFC and o think the best way to make friends is to join a VO or VA! Take a look through the #live:va category and pick 1 or 2 you like, have a great time!



In their threads, VAs normally have a link to a google form that asks you for information.
Also, check out their sites, as it is easy to find information on the application process there, along with what to expect when you join.



VAs and group flights are your friend in this situation. That’s how I found my circle.


glad to see you have renounced your pinguism


I just saw that there Are application tests everywhere. But i really don’t Know these informations because I always fly naturally because i know rules implicitely. No one will accept me.

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Check #tutorials and read up on them, some tests are practical knowledge, and others a rule based, most are both. Example, vertical/horizontal separation when flying, VRF/IFR flight rules, taxi speeds, procedures and so on. You can always message the VA account, and ask what they recommend. Most will tell you to check the Infinity flight #tutorials which again i do recommend:)

If you have any especific questions, you can ask anyone in the community! Especially regulars.
I am sure people will answer and help you!
Good luck.

You can also PM me!

Maybe i can find VAs that seeks pilots without tests


You could join a VO, they are more like a group of pilots.


Is there a discord or something where i can meet people without integrating a VA? ( since i dont have tests knowledge )

There is the IFWCG and IFFG. Infinite Flight West Coast Group and Infinite Flight Fan Group. However, they run on Slack and Facebook respectively and those are run by other people.

If you need help with learning the ropes, just PM me :)

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I’d also just like to pop in and say that this very community is a great way to make friends. Peruse interesting topics, participate in discussions and sign up for events or group flights! As time goes on, you’ll find that most of us are very inclusive, and soon you’ll have friends and fly-mates in no time.

Wishing you the best of luck in your IF journey!

There are many VAs and VOs that do not require testing. :)

Thank yyou! I wasnt expecting to have that much answers and that much help from this community. Thankyou so much! I feel less alone now :). I was a little bit shy creating this post because i thought i will look like a stupid person! And by the way im trying to integrate real airlines VA, for personal reasons!!!

Thanks again

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We’re glad we made you happy. No need to be shy here, we do not bite, trust me!