New pilot models

Hey guys, with the introduction of the reworked 777-200ER, we see a new blond in the cockpit, who for some reason is in the F/O’s seat despite having 4 stripes while the Captain has 3 stripes. However, anyone who’s ever been in the flight deck of a widebody knows that widebody captains, especially in the US, are pretty old. It takes decades of seniority in the US to hold a widebody Captain position, and while internationally there are younger widebody captains, there are also a large amount of older widebody captains. My suggestion is that on some of the other 777 variants, the guy currently in the captain’s chair gets booted to the rear jumpseat (since many 777 flights are longhaul routes that require relief pilots), the current FO loses a stripe, and in the Captain’s char, you have an old guy with greying hair who is nearing the end of his career. Thoughts?

Those pilots were already in the app itself (the blonde was the pilot in beta testing with the tbm). They just switched the spot of the pilot models for diversify reasons.

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