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I just subscribed for the IF pro version and I have a few questions. I’ve been playing this game for years, but just solo flights on the free version. I’ve been consistently trying to get better and more realistic. I already know how to interact with ATC in real life, but I noticed you need a certain amount of flight hours and Grade 2 to get started on the “Training” Online server. How to I get all of the flight requirements? I’ve tried playing solo for a few minutes just to see if it would add to my stats, but it didn’t. Just asking what’s the best way to get more stats and the flight requirements needed for the “Training Online Server”??



You can start grinding those flight hours and landings out on the Casual Server, which has no grade restrictions. Do some pattern work or 180° takeoffs and landings and you’ll get there!


Complete more flights on casual server. Eventually, you’ll gain access to Training Server & eventually Expert.

Your stats will accumulate every flight.

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Yeah I just realized the Casual server was lower than the Training. Thank you so much. What a great community that someone can answer in less than 5 minutes!

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Got it! Thank you so much.

Also another quick question, whats the best way to see all of the rules and violations?


a good airport id recommend is one with low winds and an X style runway setup. Hop in an Xcub and do some patterns. Grade 2 isnt very hard to acheive and you should be able to do it in a day or two. Grade 3 is a different story tho it may take a few weeks to get there.

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hello refer to this :D Welcome to the community

Welcome to multiplayer! And so it is, as everyone has told you, it is only to be flying, accumulate hours and landings, if you like to make a flight! do not hesitate to send a PM.

User guide on the IF website, has lots of info on ATC comms and violations. Additionally you can check out community tutorials here on the forum. Love your attitude, you seem like you want to learn, that’s good!


there are no rules or violations on Casual. On training there are. here are some of them. You cant go above 260kts below 10,000ft ASL, dont let your speed go over the red mark or youll get a violation, dont taxi above a ground speed of 35kts.

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also you did the right thing by reaching out before you fly. I learned all this stuff the hard way lol.


In addition to the link that @IFBLOGS kindly posted, I’d suggest giving the User Guide a good read-through - including the Flying Guide and the ATC Guide :)

Here it is:

Please feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns!


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Hey! Welcome! Just keep on flying and it will add. Here is some of the requirements:

2000 XP - Can Be Earned On A 4 Hour Flight
5 Hours - Total Flight Time Needed
25 Landings - Minimum Landings
3 Hours - Minimum Flight Time (90 Days)
5 Landings - Minimum Landings (90 Days)

For further information, go to your account on the app, tap “View Stats” and you will see the requirements. Good day!

Hey, yeah you can’t update your stats when playing in solo mode. to level up quickly try to do touch and goes in the casual server. that helped me level up faster.

New pilot here too. Great advice, thanks!


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