New pictures for LiveFlight

Hey All,

If anyone that is part of the LiveFlight is seeing this post i just wanted to ask if there is any way i can provide some new pictures for the aircrafts such as the 777-200(ER) on LiveFlight.

If anyone wants to reach out to me please do! i’ll happily comply and send some over you can check some of my shots out on my instagram for my type of style ( IG : IFBLOGS)

Here is an example picture that is outdated :

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@Cameron is the one you want to talk to about liveFlight. You can send him a DM or try and contact him through here

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perfect thank you for your help!

Hey @IFBLOGS! Cameron has images already obtained but has limited time to put them into the app. @Julio_Cesar is in charge of getting images for liveflight. :)

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roger that

Hey there! The process takes a little time, but they will definitely be updated eventually. :)


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