New PIA 777-200ER retrojet!

Time to downgauge JFK to a 777-200ER I want this badly


I don’t understand!

A Pakistan International Airways Boeing 777-200ER has been painted in a retrojet livery

PIA need update fleet! They have the unsafe 747-200 and 777-200 no A380 no A350 or something new!!!


They don’t operate the 747-200. Heck IIRC, they recently retired the 747-300.

The 777-200ER is not old. I’m not at all sure who fed you that but get it out of your mind. Now. It may not be fresh off the factory but they remain in very heavy use with world class, and very safe airlines.

Of course they have no A380 on order, because the aircraft is too large for them. The airline cannot support such a large aircraft for the markets. The current fleet serves them enough. Only reason to order an A380 is for prestige and they would be offloaded quickly or would be a heavy financial burden on the airline.

An airline doesn’t have to have the newest 787s or A350s. They have a fair aged fleet of fuel efficicient aircraft (especially widebodies) that do not need replacing. Don’t order a new plane just to order it. Stupid business decision.

In addition, the age of a plane has nothing to do with safety. Just because it is old doesn’t mean it is “unsafe”. If it is maintained well, then it won’t crash/fail. If it is poorly maintained as a new or old aircraft, the chances of being in a crash are higher.


Not sure-So many new retrojets recently. It’s amazing!

Qantas 737-800 (50s livery-Connies)
2 American 737-800s (To Reno and TWA)
Turkish Airlines A330-300
PIA 777-200ER

From the first letter to the last letter all made sence. You put me in the wrong and you are 100% right I cannot disagree with you BUT one thing is PIA should atleast get A380 also they do operate the 747-200 which is indeed unsafe. Apart from sir @Boeing707 I can say your wrong!

The 747-200 is not unsafe. Kalitta operates 747-200Fs and they are under scrutiny of the watchful FAA.

Heck, the US President flies around in a modified 747-200 and some other important military aircraft are based off of the 747-200.

PIA retired their last 747 earlier this year and it was a 747-300. -200s were gone a couple years ago.

I can only imagine PIA needing an A380 for Hajj flights, and that may not even be necessary. Unless the turmoil in the region cools down and Islamabad and the surrounding area becomes a heaveny paradise or big businesses move their HQs to a Pakistani city, I do not ever see them needing to fly an A380. Just because you like it doesn’t mean they will buy it. If they choose to make the stupid decision for prestige, that’s their problem.

I am glad there got rid of “ALL” the 747-200/300 and I do hope they get the A380 And open loads of routs for the A380. :) 😀