New phone and I cant get my airplanes and regions back

I recently lost my iphone and got it replaced. My phone had a back up but it did not include infinite flight. I somehow managed to get my app back. I previously purchased over $60 worth in regions and new aircraft and now the app is not giving me what I already paid for. I do not want to spend that amount of money again. What can I do?

Hey @Josh25

Have you tride restore purchases yet?
If you haven’t, make sure you have the same apple id and stuff as your old iPhone did.

If you have an Apple device, you have to have the same Apple ID as you did on your old phone, having the same IF live account doesn’t work.

Also, after hit restore purchases, the planes and regions remain orange, but you can stll download them for free…

You must first, switch into your apple ID which you used to pay for them. Thats when your restore the purchases.

If your on a different apple ID now, you must switch back.