New personal record

Well today I set a new personal record with a flight time of 201h and 7mins.

For more than a week I flew back and forth between North and South pole, encountering rather windy and low vis weather. (Can 10/10 recommend, scenery is great)
Sadly I crashed today due to a control bug, where the controls are super laggy below a certain altitude.
Had like 3 near death experiences yesterday alone but sadly now I finally couldn’t save it anymore.

Nevertheless it was still an awesome experience trying to push the limits :)
May start another try very soon.


Wow Congrats, such a unique feat to achieve. Also rip to your device, haha!


I guarantee your device is burning and on fire right now! lol


@SunDown. Yoink

Thank you!
Yeah I think it deserves a few days off now haha

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I dont really understand this tag

Great Job mate, thats a long flight ☺️


Holy cow! This is amazing, congrats!

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